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The company is happy to receive $50 million in ship financing from Standard Chartered Bank

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The company is happy to receive $50 million in ship financing from Standard Chartered Bank

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    Recently, the Asia-Pacific Shipping and Standard Chartered Group Co., Ltd. (02888.HK, referred to as Standard Chartered) under the Fengli Group successfully signed a long-term ship financing agreement of US$50 million, which will be dedicated to shipbuilding in the Asian shipping industry. project.

    Standard Chartered is a veteran bank established in 1853 and has established a branch in Shanghai in 1858. Its headquarters is located in London, England, and is a leader in emerging markets such as Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Balancing the pursuit of development and strict control of costs and risks is the management philosophy of Standard Chartered. Standard Chartered's operations are also known worldwide for its robustness, sensitivity and compatibility.

    The $50 million ship financing is a rare one from the world's major ship financing banks since the overall decline in the ship market in 2010. This marks Standard Chartered's future development of the Fengli Group, the Greater Asia Shipping and Handan industries. Confidence also reflects the support of the Fengli Group for the charity of the industry.

    The company is starting from this successful cooperation with Standard Chartered, and has carried out more diversified financing business negotiations with many domestic and foreign banks, and has reached a package of cooperation intentions.

    Thanks to the mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation relationship established by well-known financial institutions such as Standard Chartered, the company's next development will be like a duck, and will focus on the development pattern of “one body and two wings”.

    This “one” is the traditional high-quality ship and equipment construction under the “TSUJI” brand. The “two wings” refer to the new green environmental protection energy-saving ship and special offshore support ship.

    Specifically, it is to successfully build the Nolan LNG propulsion ship. On the basis of this, we will continue to expand the market share of green and environmentally friendly new energy powerboats; take the 3,000-meter water-deep saturated diving support ship project as an opportunity to deepen our efforts, stand firm and develop in the field of special offshore support vessels.

    "One" means to operate steadily, and the "two wings" strive to take off and take the initiative to become China's best small and medium-sized special ship manufacturing enterprises.

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