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   Industrial Heavy Machinery (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. was established on March 22, 2002, located in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province. The company's business scope includes: design and manufacture of new port machinery and port auxiliary equipment, design and manufacture of new hull components, design and manufacture of ships of less than 100,000 tons, operation of terminals and other port facilities, cargo handling and transfer in the port area , warehousing operations, etc. The company's main product deck cranes and hatch covers account for 50% and 20% of the world market respectively. "TSUJI" brand, 30T (24M/26M/28M), 35T (26M/28M), 36T (26M/28M) marine crane and hatch system, with its simple and reliable design and superior quality assurance, marketing day The Korean and European and American markets have been equipped with thousands of ocean-going vessels around the world for decades.
   The company covers an area of ​​330,000 square meters, has a coastline of 450 meters on the Yangtze River, two self-provided docks, one dedicated terminal for 5000 tons of finished products, one 250-ton portal crane, and the other is a dedicated 5,000-ton raw material wharf. It is equipped with a 60-ton hook electromagnetic dual-purpose tower crane. The company adopts the world's advanced land-based shipbuilding ro-ro process technology, which is different from the shipyard and shipyard manufacturing commonly used by domestic shipbuilding enterprises. It can complete the whole ship construction and all the required components (hull section, hatch cover, restraint). The design, production and installation of cranes, hull superstructures, etc., have the ability to manufacture large-scale lifting equipment in the port. In 2007, Haoye Heavy Machinery (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. entered the whole ship construction and used the unique flat-level shipbuilding technology to deliver 12 30,000-ton Handysize bulk carriers built for Danish shipowner CLIPPER. The standard has won unanimous praise from Nordic shipowners and is known as “one of the best handysize shipbuilding plants in China”.
   The company joined Fengli Group in April 2010. Based on the abundant financial strength of Fengli Group, the company adopts advanced and rigorous quality management concepts and models, and enjoys high praise in the industry. In the future, the company will cooperate with the Group's strategic goal of developing the steel logistics industry chain, and is committed to providing customers with first-class products with strong anti-risk capability, perfect quality assurance and excellent after-sales service.


About Fengli
Tsuji  Fengli Group, one of the top 500 enterprises in China, is a large-scale private enterprise that has grown rapidly under the encouragement of the national reform and opening up policy. After more than 20 years of market fighting, the young Fengli Group has emerged from the shell and fluttered its wings. It has written one brilliant after another in the history of “Fengli”. While realizing its own development and transcendence, Fengli Group actively supports and cooperates with the local economy and various social undertakings, dedicates love and returns to society.
Geography: Fengli Group, headquartered in Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone, Jiangsu Province, is located in the center of the Yanjiang Economic Belt in Zhangjiagang City. The subsidiaries are located in Shanghai, Hubei, Jiangsu Xuzhou, Zhangjiagang and Jingjiang in the Yangtze River Basin. Japan, Australia, Hong Kong and other countries and regions also have subsidiaries of the Fengli Group.
   Personnel: The Fengli Group has a total of more than 3,000 employees, with an average age of 32 years. Among them, there are more than 150 middle and high-level managers and more than 680 technicians. There are 958 college graduates and 335 employees with bachelor degree or above. All employees work in the company through open recruitment, from many provinces across the country.
   Industry: Fengli Group has the right to operate import and export. The main businesses of the business are: mineral resources development, steel international trade, coal trade, precision steel pipe manufacturing, metal materials wholesale, scrap steel purchase and sale processing, port terminal loading and unloading, logistics and transportation distribution, bonded warehousing, ocean transportation, overseas investment, shipbuilding. A lot of industries involved, strong ability to resist market risks. The geographical coverage is wide, the business development is stable, and it has industrial advantages, and is in the forefront of industry development.
   Performance: Since 2009, Fengli Group has achieved sales revenue of over 20 billion yuan over the years, and all business indicators have maintained good results. While achieving its goals and objectives, Fengli Group has continuously increased its investment in the business industry and has always maintained a strong development potential.

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