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Fengli achieves leapfrog development and acquires the first ship after the industry

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Fengli achieves leapfrog development and acquires the first ship after the industry

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This newspaper (reporter Zhang Wei) Yesterday morning, the 辻 industry heavy machine number one flag flying, gongs and drums, a festive and auspicious atmosphere. The first ship built by the Fengli Group after the acquisition of the industry, the YASA series first ship launching ceremony was held here.
        The YASA series of ship projects is a brand new project initiated by the new management of the company after the successful acquisition of the industry by the Fengli Group. The YASA series 30,000-ton bulk carrier was built by 辻Industrial Heavy Machinery (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. for the Turkish company YASA, designed by Korea MASTEK Co., Ltd. and tested by the Japanese NK Classification Society. It was started on June 18, 2010. It is expected to be 2011. Completed in April.

The successful launch of the first ship S1007 marked the success of the industrial heavy machine under the banner of Fengli, and it has successfully emerged from the predicament and rejuvenated. It also marks that Fengli Group has formed a complete industrial chain from raw material trade to finished product manufacturing. The strategic layout of the four business segments of trade, investment, logistics and manufacturing has been basically completed.

It is understood that after the merger and acquisition of the industry, Fengli Group adheres to the business philosophy of “maintaining Japanese blood, ensuring Japanese quality, continuing and promoting the original brand, stabilizing and developing ship equipment and shipbuilding, and actively expanding the marine engineering equipment market”. On the basis of maintaining the original Japanese management system and management personnel, the Singapore expert team was introduced to realize the profit of the acquisition year.

Wu Shaoqing, general manager of Fengli Group Co., Ltd. said that in the future, Fengli Group will inherit and carry forward the well-known brand advantages of the industry in the international market. In terms of technology, through secondary development, continue to optimize and develop independent intellectual property rights; Through proper packaging and continuous promotion, the brand of the 辻 industry has become a well-known trademark of China's localized ship and marine engineering equipment. "At the same time, we will also take the 辻 industry as a pilot unit, actively move towards the capital market on the basis of physical management, and strive to achieve the goal of listing in the domestic and overseas capital markets through two to three years of efforts!"

In recent years, the city has accelerated the transformation of development mode, promoted economic and social transformation and upgrading as the main line, and vigorously developed emerging industries. The new energy, new equipment and new materials industries have shown a good momentum of vigorous development, especially Zhangjiagang’s unique advantages along the Yangtze River. The development of the port equipment and shipbuilding industry provides rare opportunities and favorable conditions.

After successfully acquiring the heavy industry, Fengli Group successfully built a 30,000-ton first-class ship in just 8 months, which has become a new starting point for Fengli's future development, and will strive to improve trade, investment and logistics in the future. It has laid a solid foundation for the development level and international competitiveness of the four major industrial sectors. Vice Mayor Zhang Wei hopes that the city can have more local enterprises like Fengli Group, constantly innovating business ideas, boldly breaking through the industrial model, firmly establishing the development concept without output, and actively participating in the development of emerging industries. Constantly cultivate new growth points for enterprises.

City (Free Trade Zone) leaders Xu Meijian, Xu Zhonggao, Xu Jianbo, Wang Huizhong, Zhang Jianping, Zhang Lei, etc. attended the celebration.

Xu Meijian, Xu Zhonggao, and Chairman of the Fengli Group, Wu Huizhen, and the shipowner on behalf of the Turkish DEVAL company LEVENT DEVAL jointly launched the launching operation system.

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