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Join hands and create greater glories - remember the tenth anniversary of the opening of Tsuji Heavy Industry
Tsuji Heavy Industry 37500T first ship "CS SATIRA" naming ceremony ended successfully
Tsuji Heavy Industry NB0026 ship successfully delivered
Tsuji Heavy Industry YASA series first ship S1007 ship named
37,500 ton bulk carrier new ship construction contract signed in Beijing
Tsuji Heavy Industry "FENGLI11" delivery and maiden voyage ceremony
Tsuji Heavy Industry NB0023 ship delivery signing and sailing ceremony
The world's first pure natural gas host ocean-going transport ship was built according to the plan of Tsuji Heavy Industry (Jian
Thanksgiving Tsuji Heavy Industry, happy Qiandao Lake
Tsuji Heavy Industry NB series first ship FENGLI10 successfully delivered
The company is happy to receive $50 million in ship financing from Standard Chartered Bank
Tianmu Lake Tourism Notes
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