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Ship firefighting and evacuation drills in 2012

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Ship firefighting and evacuation drills in 2012

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On June 14, our company held a ship fire and evacuation drill at Pohang Wharf. At the invitation of our company, Zhangjiagang Maritime Bureau came to the exercise site to observe and guide the exercise and patrol the river for the exercise.
At 11 o'clock in the morning, the on-site commander and safety chief Luo Shigen explained and arranged the participants to the exercise process and essentials. Wu Qingqing, executive vice president of the company and chief of the exercise, put forward two requirements for safety and implementation according to the plan. Subsequently, General Wu announced that the drill officially began.
The drill is divided into two phases:
The first stage: fire fighting.
The garbage bin on the S side of the NB0023 ship's main deck caught fire and the fire was raging. After receiving the order, the volunteer firefighters quickly opened the marine fire pump, set up water hoses and water guns, and fired them by means of two-headed pinch. Soon, the fire was controlled by volunteer firefighters.
The second stage: abandon the ship to escape
The order was issued, and part of the participants was evacuated to the work boat in an emergency. The evacuation process was in order.
At the end of the exercise, the leaders of the Zhangjiagang Maritime Safety Administration commented on the problems existing in the exercise and proposed improvements:
(1) Starting from actual combat, do all kinds of exercises on ships;
(2) Strengthen training in peacetime and improve the technical level of exercises and actual combat;
(3) Learn lessons to prevent accidents.
The ship fire and emergency evacuation exercise program is a combination of actual exercises. All aspects of the exercise and various details are considered comprehensive. Through the successful holding of this exercise, it also shows that the company's "ship trial emergency plan" is suitable and effective.

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