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Say goodbye to the extraordinary 2011 to meet the more awkward 2012

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Say goodbye to the extraordinary 2011 to meet the more awkward 2012

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Tsuji Heavy Industry (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. 2011 year-end summary meeting
On the morning of January 14, 2012, the staff of the entire office of the heavy machine held a meeting room on the third floor of the dining hall of Fengli Group, and held the 2011 final summary and commendation meeting.
Gao Youliang, Party Secretary of Fengli Group, Ke Wei, Chief Financial Officer, Huang Zhongqi, Personnel Manager, Huang Zhengying, Audit Manager, Zhang Jiangang, Chairman of the Board, Zhang Huanzhong, General Manager, Yu Yu'an, Vice Chairman, Deputy General Manager Wu Qingqing, Vice President Manager Xu Xiangyang and other leaders attended the meeting. This meeting is divided into five agendas.
I. Honoring outstanding workers in 2011 and excellent labor companies
According to the company's relevant evaluation rules and procedures, after the department's recommendation, the judges' review, and the factory's publicity, 66 outstanding workers and two excellent labor companies were selected.
At the meeting, the leaders of the Group and the heavy machine awarded honorary certificates and medals to representatives of outstanding workers and excellent labor companies.
Second, Zhang Huanzhong, general manager of Tsuji Heavy Industry, made the 2011 company summary and 2012 work plan
In 2011, with the joint efforts of all employees, we successfully achieved the annual business objectives and ensured that there were no accidents and serious accidents.
In 2011, the company focused on promoting 8 centers, specifically “actively adjusting business ideas, comprehensively fighting the market”, “strengthening product transformation and upgrading, enhancing the development potential of enterprises”, “joining and cooperating to seize production, and ensuring safety”.
"Quality is the root quality is the foundation, paying close attention to quality and strengthening the body", "continuing internal contracting to achieve a win-win situation for the company's employees", "increase talent education and training, build an efficient management team", "deepen corporate culture construction, and enhance employees' "Congculation", "Strengthen the awareness of cost, reduce the potential and increase efficiency."
General Zhang pointed out that overall, the company's management work has made gratifying progress, but there are still some problems. In response to the current market situation and existing problems, Mr. Zhang made the 2012 work goals and plans.
Mr. Zhang stressed that the ship market situation will become more and more serious, and the company's road ahead will become more and more difficult. This requires each employee to have a strong sense of crisis, proactive, uncompromising and meticulous implementation of the company's management measures. So that we can survive the storm and win!

Third, the ministers read and submit the "2012 annual work objectives to achieve responsibility"
The company has set up 11 departments to sign the “Responsibility” with the company, clarify the 2012 departmental goals, and conduct the reading and submission ceremony at the meeting.

4. Zhang Jiangang, Chairman of the Heavy Machine, made important instructions.
On behalf of the Board of Directors, Zhang Dong fully affirmed the work of the heavy machine in 2011, and put forward new requirements for the work in 2012.
He said that from the confusion and wait-and-see at the beginning of the year to the establishment of confidence in the middle of the year, the indignation and the achievement of outstanding achievements at the end of the year, everyone experienced an extraordinary 2011.
In March 2011, the company's management held a meeting on product transformation and upgrading, clearly proposing a strategy to develop new ship types based on the preservation of traditional ship types to adapt to changes in market conditions. After more than half a year of hard work, whether it is an LNG ship or an offshore engineering ship, it has made breakthroughs in product transformation and upgrading. Zhang Dong said that in 2011, the extraordinary achievements of the heavy machine were inseparable from the concerted efforts of all employees, the hard work of the management team, the cooperation and cooperation of the foreign companies, and the strong support of Fengli Group and external banks.
He pointed out that from January 1 to 14, 2012, the Baltic index fell linearly from 1800 to 1000, which means that the price of the ship may continue to decline. It can be seen that the shipping market in the new year will be more severe. In 2012, the development of the heavy machinery business has a long way to go.
At the meeting, Zhang Dong emphasized that the youth bear the hope of the company's future development, and should pay more attention to the younger generation and the grassroots, and increase the training. At the same time, on the basis of doing a good job of thinking, through the innovative assessment mechanism, the performance and distribution should be linked to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees.
"But the green hills are not relaxed, the roots are in the rock, the millennium is still strong, and the southeast and northwest winds are allowed." We should bravely face all kinds of difficulties and challenges in the road ahead, and strictly implement the "traditional ship type and The new ship type must be grasped by both hands and the two hands must be hard, and then take new steps in the path of sustained and healthy development.

5. Gao Youliang, secretary of Fengli Group, made important instructions
At the meeting, Gao Shuji gave a high degree of recognition to the achievements of the heavy machine in the past year, and expressed deep expectations for the future development of the heavy machine. He pointed out that the management of heavy machinery is more standardized and the quality of the cadre team is higher.
However, under such a harsh market situation, it is necessary to pay attention to cost reduction and efficiency improvement. He said: "In the face of the more severe situation in 2012, as long as the industry has drawn the 'quality' and 'cost' points, it will surely be able to make a deep abyss and a dragon into the sky and get better and faster development. ."

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