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Tianmu Lake Tourism Notes

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Tianmu Lake Tourism Notes

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The company successfully organized the 2012 employee spring travel
On May 19th, in the spring rain of Plywood, more than 130 employees of the company visited Tianmu Lake to experience the taste and taste of the lake and mountains.
It is the common wish of all employees to be able to go out and take a short trip after a busy and stressful job. As we all know, 2012 is the real winter of China's shipbuilding industry.
However, in the case of the company's operating situation is extremely severe, the company's leaders are still eager to think about the staff, instructing the trade unions to continue to organize this spring tourism in the year, to thank the employees. The understanding, support and dedication of the company is also benefited from the strong support of the company's leaders. This trip to Tianmu Lake will be able to make a successful trip.
The employees also expressed their gratitude to the company and determined to make greater contributions to the healthy development of the company with their own practical actions.
Tianmu Lake is located 8 kilometers south of Fuyang City, Changzhou. It is a large-scale national large-scale reservoir of Shahe and Daxi. It belongs to Tianmu Mountain and is named “Tianmu Lake”. Tianmu Lake Scenic Area, known as the “Gangnan Pearl”, is the first AAAA-level scenic spot in the country. It has rich tourism resources and increasing popularity. It has become the first choice for many tourists in the Yangtze River Delta for tourism, sightseeing and leisure.
Water sweet, tea, and fresh fish heads make Tianmu Lake the best. It is the essence of Tianmu Lake. The water of Tianmu Lake is a rush of eighteen rivers. Before entering the Tianmu Lake, these waters have been purified by the surrounding mountain vegetation and filtered by the lake bottom sandstone, so that the lake maintains the purity and mineral composition of the natural mountain spring. According to the environmental protection department, the water of Tianmu Lake is weakly alkaline and the PH value is 7.9. It meets the national second-class drinking water standard and is said to be the best water in Jiangsu Province.
The tea produced by Tianmu Lake has a long history and is known as the “tea town”. The tour company has also prepared a tea ceremony for each employee, which better reflects the company’s employees. Caring for love.
Tianmu Lake is rich in fish and is rich in the special raw material of the Tianmu Lake casserole fish head - big gray squid. The head of the Tianmu Lake casserole has become a unique Tianmu Lake with “the soup is milky white, fresh and not simmering, fat and not greasy”.
It constitutes the unique food culture of Tianmu Lake, and the diplomatic envoys of many national leaders and 72 countries. The lady has tasted this soup and she is full of praise. Although the so-called "Tianmu Lake Fish Head" has been tasted during this tour, it is definitely not comparable to the authentic Tianmu Lake casserole fish head because it is a tourist team meal.
Hulishan’s “Zhuangyuan Pavilion”, lake boat rafting, Longxing Island, the joyful world of rural countryside, Hydrangea Island “the first pot of the world” and many other attractions have left our employees’ laughter and precious pictures, cold and dense spring rain. The crowds with the shoulders did not affect the tourism interest of the staff. Everyone was completely immersed in the fresh, lush and clear waters of the Tianmu Lake scenic spot!
No time to taste, no time to experience, rushing in the rush, in the spring rain, we have not finished the gay and gratifying journey. "When you go to the thousands of miles, the waters are wide and the lakes are so vast!" Let us look forward to the company getting better and better, and look forward to the next employee tour!

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